Sexual Problems Of Male Organism

Sexual problems of Male organism

Curiously enough, the sexual intercourse is of complex structure, and some disruptions may emerge at any moment of this pleasant process. Thus, there are 4 major stages defined in the cycle of sexual respond. First, the excitement emerges, then plateau, orgasm and solution.

Unfortunately, even in our modern society most of people still avoid the topic of sexual dysfunction, especially if it concerns them directly. This is really pitiful, especially due to the results of the recent studies that show that about 43% of women and 31% of men experience some problems with the sexual intercourse. However, there is also something calming. Fortunately, most of the cases of the pathology may be treated with the help of reasonable treatment.

So what specifically may cause the sexual dysfunction?

First of all, it is necessary to mention physical and psychical disorders:
Physical. The group comprises the number of problems of sexual life related to the physical condition of the organism. Thus, the various pathological conditions, such as diabetes, the diseases of cardiovascular, nervous and urinary system may influence the situation. In addition, there is a complex of medications that can complicate the sexual life to some extent.

Psychical. There is the various circle of possible reasons. These may be the common stress disorders, the anxiety concerning the sexual function, thoughts about unfinished work, the reflections on the family problems and of course, the consequences of sexual trauma.

So who is subjected to the disorders like this the most?

Of course, the elderly men are in the worst situation. This is due to the decrease of the production of sexual hormones, the structural changes of the smooth muscles of penis and its cavernous bodies. However, similar problems may also arise in young people, men or women.

Besides, the character of disorders may be various. The most common of them is the erectile dysfunction, problems with ejaculation and the decrease of sexual drive.

The erectile dysfunction is an inability of male organism to maintain the necessary level of erection during the whole sexual intercourse. Sometimes it even reaches the critical point when erection does not take place at all. There a few reasons of this serious problem. First of all, there are the diseases of vessels, nervous tension, anxiety about personal sexual strength, cicatrical changes and the deformation of penis. The ejaculation disorder are actually some disruptions of ejaculation. You can buy Canadian viagra at and treatment your premature ejaculation.

Therefore, there three types of them:

The premature ejaculation is the most common and explored of them. The most frequent it is in those men who worry a lot about their skills in bed. However, there are other factors that can cause this problem. For example, the long continence.

Delayed ejaculation. It may be caused by the excessive anxiety of a man, religious dogmata, the unattractiveness of a partner, the lack of experience, some medications, especially antidepressants. However, it is necessary to mention that this kind of disorder is not always unpleasant, as a lot of women prefer more long-lasting sexual intercourse. Thus, a man with this kind of disorder may be a gift for her. Besides, if you wish, you may even get rid of the problem by yourself. The most important things here are practice and the constant improvement of your confidence in your own sexual strength.

The rarest disorder that belongs to the problems with ejaculation is its retrograde direction. Thus, with this pathology, the ejaculate moves into the urinary bladder. This condition may emerge as a result of diabetes, the surgery in the given area and the injuries of penis. However, the treatment is required only in the case if a man wants to have children.